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The Pleasure Principle

of Public Speaking

"Through this work I'm beginning to develop a qualitative awareness in my speaking that goes beyond formula and techniques (e.g. look individuals in the eye, speak slowly, etc.). Whether I call it an emotional muscle, an intuitive awareness, or whatever, I want to learn to strengthen and incorporate it into my normal experience."


--Scott Goering



"Without a doubt, our session together gave me the greatest return per unit of time and money I've ever had with a coach. The new opening and ending you helped me discover and develop have been an extraordinary success. Every time I use the material, the positive effect on the audience is dramatic."

Alan J. Parisse,
Certified Speaking Professional, Minnesota


Lee Glickstein, Public Speaking Coach

Presentation and Communication Coaching
with Lee Glickstein

Speaking Circles® founder Lee Glickstein offers coaching on site for businesses and organizations, and at his office in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, California.

  • Learn the skill of communicating from "Relational Presence" with ease and without performance technique.
  • Deal effectively with public speaking anxiety.
  • Understand the power of opening a talk with a personal story that lets an audience immediately know why are passionate about the work you do in your realm of expertise.
  • Develop the knack of simpifying technical information for a general audience.
  • Learn a simple way to organize the content of a talk. 
  • Address any unique communication challenges.
  • Fully own your expertise.

Call (415) 302-3526 or email inquiry@speakingcircles.com for more information or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consulation.


"Lee's coaching was clearly instrumental in landing our firm's $1.85 million contract with the California Courts for strategic technology planning. We were up against four of the big six firms, and the committee reported that they picked our small company over them because our presentation was 'responsive.'"
-- Meryl Natchez, President, Tech Prose

"Glickstein is doing breakthrough work that no one has done before. Work with him and performance anxiety will disappear... You'll touch audiences on a level with the greatest communicators in the world."
-- Dale Ledbetter, Executive VP, Countrywide Securities Corporation

"Lee's sensitive, supportive guidance has helped me take a huge, confident leap into the arena of public presence. The Donahue show went well!"
-- John Amodeo, Therapist, Author: Love & Betrayal (Ballantine), The Authentic Heart (John Wiley & Sons)

"You helped me find that story that made my audience gasp with delight, and 99% of them applaud and cheer! You really turned on that little light."
-- Mark S. A. Smith CPC, Past President, NSA Colorado



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