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“I no longer rely upon planned speeches. My public presence is much more powerful and the response has been amazing. This is the most transformational work available, whether or not you want to be a public speaker.”

Jane Bell, Co-founder, World Trust Foundation


"I didn't have stage fright. I had 'raw screaming stage terror.' But I
have given fifteen presentations since the Speaking Circle® Weekend Intensive and totally enjoyed every one of them from start to finish."

Gary Boomershine, Software Sales Team Manager


"Dear Lee — Because of you and your wonderful teachings I am living
my dream. I am a motivational speaker on autism. I love every minute of it. Before I met you I was petrified to get up on stage, and now you can't keep me off the stage. Watch out world here I come!"

Amalia Starr,
Owner, Mountain Star Publishing


"Dramatic improvement in public speaking is a byproduct. This work is actually warrior training for leaders. My presence in front of groups is suddenly explosive."

Diane Keister, Financial Consultant


"I just wanted to reach out and say how fun it is to see myself on those 10-year-old Speaking Circle videos with Lee in Berkeley.  Today I'm a speaker and I've published a memoir,
and I know that my confidence and courage stems from my early foundation of working in these groups."

Susan Bremer, Founder, Self Appeal®

Public speaking with pleasure and purpose in front of any group

Imagine standing in front of any audience, feeling absolutely at ease and enjoying their rapt attention.

Whether you have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express yourself with greater clarity, Relational Presence and Relational Stillness practice at a Speaking Circle® program will guide you in the pleasure and impact of effortless authenticity.

The videos below will let you know if this is the right place for you. In the first, founder Lee Glickstein introduces a Speaking Circle. In the second, you get a peek inside a session with participants who are not delivering talks, but rather practicing Relational Presence and Relational Stillness to build their capacity to handle any situation without a scripted performance.




Developing Relational Presence with a supportive group under masterful facilitation is like building a powerful muscle at the gym. This gentle yet potent practice transforms self-consciousness to self-confidence by building new neural pathways that strengthen your natural capacity to:

  • Create a "field of belonging" in a group by holding the calm center in "relational stillness."
  • Connect instantly and communicate with ease every time.
  • Develop your natural magnetism to improve the quality of your business presentations and relationships.
  • Bring out the best in others by seeing the best in them. 

Speaking Circle® programs transform the way you communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — true attunement between speaker and listeners. Our relationship-based approach gives you the time and support to discover how to express yourself clearly in your own unique style.

Additional programs in Voice Presence develop Relational Voice Presence for teleseminars, phone coaching, video presentations and more, so that you can create a powerful field of Relational Presence even when you don't see your audience.

Then, advanced programs teach practical applications of public speaking presence, such as how to open and structure a masterful talk and facilitate transformational workshops. These programs train you in experiential understanding of how to own, express, and structure your expertise so you can inform, influence, and inspire others to action.

We invite you to take the first step toward public speaking ease with the "Free Resources" listed on the right.



Be Heard Now by Lee Glickstein
Lee Glickstein
Founder of Speaking Circles

Author of
Be Heard Now!


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